About You

You will tend to be an owner managed business that isn’t large enough to have it’s own marketing function, or if you do, is in need of some higher level input and oversight.

I help owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses to get your marketing working efficiently, effectively and systematically – helping you to win new clients and make your current clients more profitable.

I’ve been doing this for over twenty years, and despite owning other successful businesses, I continue to love working with enthusiastic business owners. If you are excited about business, about growing and becoming more successful. If you believe that better marketing could unlock what is essentially a good business, into being something more, more profitable, more easy to run and more fun, then I would like to hear from you.

Marketing Health Check

Here is my offer: If you suspect that I could be of help, and want to find out more, I’m prepared to invest two hours of my time, giving you a ‘Marketing Health Check’. A free, no obligtation session where we can look at what you are currently doing, and come up with practical ideas for improvement.

This gives me a chance to understand your business and be clear about whether I can help you, or not. And if I can’t I won’t make any bones about telling you.

The options, and costs beyond then are all contingent on what you are looking for, and will be discussed openly as part of that meeting.

Call me on 01494 637724 for an initial chat and we can see if we hit it off.

When might I not be able to help?

If your business is just selling commodities, if the only thing that you compete on is price, and you can’t otherwise differentiate yourself from your competitors then it is going to be very hard to guarantee you that I can help. Of course, if you are prepared to change that, and making your offering different from others in the market is a key way I can help businesses, then there is often opportunity for dramatic impact.