About Me

Needsmet Consulting is led by Simon Patrick. Simon has twenty years’ experience helping small and medium-sized companies get their marketing working effectively and efficiently. With experience across the private, public and charitable sectors, and over 100 different industries, Simon draws on both his own personal knowledge and a huge marketing library that he has built up over the last two decades.

All too often marketing is seen as a lottery, some clever ideas that an agency comes up with, which you pay for, only to learn you were actually the guinea pig for their creativity. Sometimes it pays off, more often it doesn’t. At Needsmet we only use tried and tested approaches, adapting them to your situation, testing them cheaply and quickly to establish their effectiveness, and then putting in place the systems for you to roll them out on ‘autopilot’ – generating sales and profits on an ongoing, low maintenance basis.

My offer to you

If it sounds like I might be able to help you then take advantage of our no-strings free consultancy offer – up to two hours of our time, getting to know your business, understand your current situation and giving you an informed second opinion on your current marketing activity.

Not only will that give you a great, no-risk opportunity to see if you like our approach, but we can give you an informed opinion on how we could help you. Call me on 01494 637724 to talk this through.

Marketing Background

Originally based in a successful marketing services agency, after five years in 2005 Simon left to focus on what he enjoyed most, which was working at a strategic and tactical level alongside business owners. This also allowed Simon’s entrepreneurial spirit to soar, already having set up a very successful subsidiary, The Annual Report Company, now a leading provider of investor relations material to FTSE companies, he has set up two other companies, a photography business that has created a high profit, low-cost model that is challenging the traditional high street studio; and a drumming events company, who counted Disney, Capita and T-Mobile among its first customers.

Since 2006 Simon has worked closely with Robert Clay, one of the UK’s top marketing ‘gurus’, to help deliver business transformation to companies across the UK and that has grown into my own business, Needsmet, which as the name suggests, is here to meet your marketing needs in a low cost, and profitable manner.

Find out more about some of the projects I’ve been involved in, from small businesses to major multi-nationals.